Students Made in America Head to China


During the 2013 spring break, an unique oppurtunity raised for students in the Lee’s Summit district. Students were given a chance to travel to China and explore the wonders of a country across the sea. Unfortunately no students from West were able to make the trip but eight students from North and Lee’s Summit traveled with five adults, including West’s Chinese teacher, LiangMay Lee.

While visiting China, the group traveled to three different cities. To begin the trip, they started in Beijing. While in the city that held the Olympics in 2008, the travelers visited the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace.

“There we also ate the famous and authentic Peking Duck,” said Lee.

Mrs. Lee, a chinese teacher at west, recently took a trip to China with other students. Lee says "even the bad parts were a great experience".
Mrs. Lee, a chinese teacher at west, recently took a trip to China with other students. Lee says “even the bad parts were a great experience”. Photo by Amanda Holler

The next city visited was Xi’an, where the partner school, Chang’an No. 1 High School, is located. There, the travelers were able learn about China’s educational system by taking some of the classes and living with some Chinese host families.

“We ate some of the most delicious Chinese food in Xi’an like Hot Pot and Bread Mutton Soup. In the same city, we also visited Terra Cotta Warriors from Qin dynasty and the burial sites of emperor and empress from Han Dynasty,” said Lee.

The last city they visited was Shanghai.

“We visited Shanghai to experience the metropolitan side of China by visiting Pearl Tower and a beautiful Chinese garden called Yuan Garden,” said Lee.

Choosing a favorite part of trip is very difficult for Lee. She said that many of the memorable moments from the trip will be cherished for the rest of her life.

“The relationships I have formed with the teachers here and in China were priceless. The laughter I shared with the students here and in China were heart warming. I also felt very honored to be of assistance to Principal Zhou from Xi’an and Principal Faulkenberry [who also made the trip] as a Chinese interpreter,” said Lee.

Lee said that even though the trip was memorable, she wishes that her students at West could have also gone.

“I encourage students at West to take this opportunity to learn about China. I am here at West first and second hours to teach and I am willing to stay longer to talk to individuals or teachers who are interested in joining the trip next year,” said Lee.

Story by Abbey Stoetzel