Football Talent Honored


Besides playing in the state championship this year, Titan Football earned multiple honors, including 24 individual conference awards with more to come.

QB Thomas Ganaden, LS West
RB Ryan Williams, LS West
WR Monte Harrison, LS West
TE Dale Brown, LS West
OL Evan Martin, LS West
OL Kevin Pendleton, LS West
OL Alex Grantham, LS West
K Tanner Martin, LS West
DL Zach Sattman, LS West
LB Austin Workman, LS West
LB Zach Rasmussen, LS West
DB Logan Cheadle, LS West
P Luke Theis, LS West
Return Specialist: Monte Harrison, LS West

RB DeMarcus Edwards, LS West
OL Boe Wilson, LS West
DL Marcel Minniefield, LS West
LB Garrett Newsom, LS West
DB Dwayne Simmons, LS West
DB Jack Richards, LS West
DB Austin Dismond, LS West

Offensive Player of the Year: Monte Harrison, LS West
Defensive Player of the Year: Logan Cheadle, LS West
Coach of the Year: Royce Boehm, LS West