Logan Cheadle Goes Above and Beyond

Senior Logan Cheadle at national signing day. Cheadle signed with the Missouri Tigers and will attend Missouri this upcoming fall.
Senior Logan Cheadle at national signing day. Cheadle signed with the Missouri Tigers and will attend Missouri this upcoming fall.

With a state championship trophy under his belt and his grades being nothing but on top, Senior Logan Cheadle is taking the lead.

He walks down the halls with swagger in his step and his head held high. Logan Cheadle is the definition of ambition and determination. After the Titans returned home with a state trophy in their hands, Cheadle’s name echoed through the hallway as the player who achieved three interceptions in one game.

After starting football in the fourth grade and playing for nine years, Cheadle’s accomplished more than enough. At semester, Cheadle’s leaving high school and taking a step into the beginning of his life, college. It seems his nine years of football has paid off greatly, landing him a full ride scholarship at Mizzou.

At the same time, Cheadle’s aware it’s not only his great talent at football that landed him a scholarship, but his grades as well. It’s no doubt he’s a hard worker and athlete, but we can’t forget the people who continue to keep him grounded: his family.

Cheadle grew up in a tight-knit family with his mom, dad, and older brother and sister. He said he loves to be with his family, and they’ve all helped shape who he is today, but especially his father. After growing up and maturing, Cheadle said, as corny as it sounds, he’s realizing how good of a job his dad did at raising him and his siblings, and how much his dad has supported him.

Cheadle’s constantly had cheerleaders in the stands, with not only his dad, but his mom right behind him. As Cheadle said, it probably came in handy that his dad has always loved football, and football ended up growing on his mom too, and even more as she watched her son succeed.

Cheadle’s shown determination on and off the field, and his fellow teammates have witnessed it.  Senior Austin Dismond said, “Logan’s very agile and he’s very determined, he’s not going to give up easily. He’s a fierce competitor.” Cheadle’s shown he’s an on-point player and student. Lucky for him, Mizzou offers an immense amount of opportunities, especially for a spot on their team, which opens many doors itself.

If the time came, Cheadle said he’d love to play pro, but all he wants right now is a good education, which is a great point for a soon-to-be college freshman to focus on. West will no doubt  miss Cheadle’s charismatic personality, who will be saying goodbye and heading out the door in no more than a week and a half.

Cheadle’s left his own mark on the school, setting an example for all of the students, “(logans) shown that if you put your nose down, work hard, and set goals, you can achieve anything.” Said Debbie Katzfey, the school athletic director.

And so as a chapter in Cheadle’s book ends, a new one begins. Cheadle’s reflected on his time at West, and said his most finest memory has been in the past week, Cheadle leaves with a bright future ahead of him, as he carries football and his family close to heart, and set’s off for an even bigger adventure.



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