Missouri theatre students gathered in St. Louis for the state Thespian Conference at the start of the year.

“Its basically a chance to learn and find out more about everything acting,” explains Mattie Jacobson, a junior.

While at the conference, students partake in many different educational experiences. “There are many different things you can do at the convention, like workshops, see shows, etc. My favorite thing that I got to do was compete on the Improv Olympics, which is a competition where each school chooses 5 people from their improv teams to compete. We played 3 different improv games and were judged on how well we played the games, and even though we didn’t win, it was still fun.” says Elise Marshall, a sophomore.

Though the students benefited greatly in the area of theatre education, they enjoyed making memories together also. “My favorite memory from conference was making friends with a troupe from Sedalia. Their group was rooming across the hotel from us and we could see in their windows from my room. We waved at them and pretty soon they were in our room and we were getting to know each other! They were all so kind and it was great to meet them.” shares Gabe Livingston, a senior.

So whether it was making memories with the troupe, or learning more about their passion, the Lees Summit West theatre troupe will never forget their 2013 conference.

By Emily White

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