Winter Guard Takes Championship in New Class


Winter guard has had an extremely successful season, especially in comparison to the last few seasons. They were able to accomplish something not many groups are able to accomplish; they jumped 2 classes in 2 years and won the championship.

“Guard is trying to make the audience connect and understand using your body and face with how you maneuver equipment,” says sophomore Haley Arrington.

“At first we were just pleased not to be on the bottom,” says Arrington as she looks back on the guard’s scores throughout the season. Receiving first place in a competition against one of their top competitors really boosted the team’s morale.

The only freshman on the team, Emily Bratcher, says her experience this year with guard was unforgettable. Although winning championships is part of the fun, Bratcher talks about how the best thing about being a part of guard was building such a strong bond with the other members. “We had a great season, we all grew so much as a team but we grew mostly as a family.”

Winter Guard Takes Championship
Winter guard celebrates a successful season after moving up two classes and winning the championship as well as strengthening their bond. The team will be at SLMS May 2 looking to expand their team to incoming freshmen.

The team will report to SLMS on May 2nd to recruit any incoming freshman for the new season. Arrington has been paying close attention to the middle school guard for recruiting purposes and says, “I’ve noticed that some of the kids are kind of hesitant. They need to know they are accepted and can be themselves.”

The professional motto for WGI (Winter Guard International) is “the sport of the arts.” Guard is acting with more movement and no words. Styles vary from hip hop to jazz to lyrical and themes change every year.

“We’re a family. We want to be around people who understand us. Who doesn’t want that?” says Arrington hopeful for a few more successful seasons in her remaining years at West.

 Story by Sophie Black

Photos Courtesy Of:  Elizabeth Keune and Maddy King