Firsthand report: Car on fire


Commentary by: Melvin White

A lot of people have asked what it was like to be in the car that caught on fire in the school parking lot. It was like this:

Juniors Lance Reynolds and Melvin White were in the car that caught on fire Friday, May 14. Both boys were unharmed.

I got to school and the car just stopped; I saw smoke coming from the engine. As I was getting out of the car, my foot got stuck on the seat belt, but luckily, I got out. Then, I opened up the hood and a flame came out onto my face.

I ran out and called the fire department. A lot was going through my head at the time. Would the car blow up or what? Are my cousins okay? How am I going to get home?

Mostly I was worried that I’ll never see the car again. I wanted to cry. It was a sad moment for me and everyone at West. Everyone loved that car, and now it’s gone forever.

Although a lot of rumors have spread about what is wrong with the car, we still don’t know. They still haven’t told us. I wish I knew what was wrong so I could fix it myself.