Lights Out Liberty


Story by: Lexie Salamone

On August 22, the Varsity football team played in their first home game against Liberty High School. The game was a success both for the cheering section in the stands, and the team on the field. The stands were completely engulfed in white, as the theme of this first home game was a white-out.

“The team played great! We had a lot of players step up especially on the offensive line. The coaches did a great job putting us in the position to succeed,” said Senior Brenner Clemons, who accounted for 6 touchdowns against Liberty.

Kickoff was moved from 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock due to the intense heat. In addition to this, rain delayed students and fans being let into the stadium early. But despite the delay, it was still hot in the stands during the game. “There were lots of sweaty bodies crammed together and there was lots of cheering,” said Sophomore Megan Hoffman.

The team didn’t feel much heat after the rain came in.“It wasn’t that bad at all once that storm moved in and out, the temperature dropped and it felt great,” Clemons said.

Sophomore Joseph Shapiro-Scavuzzo did not have high expectations for their performance in their first game of the season. “I expected to be 1-0 at the end of the game,” said Shapiro-Scavuzzo.

The Titans defeated the Blue Jays 44 to 14. “It was exciting. People were pumped and there was lots of yelling,” said Junior Cori Persinger who was watching from the stands. “I expected they would win.”

Although the Titans lost a lot of their players with the graduating class of 2014, the fans didn’t feel any differently about the team.“The 12th man is different, and there are different names announced when we score touchdowns, but the energy is still pretty much the same,” Persinger said.

The Titans will take on the Trojans on Friday, August 29 at Park Hill. “I expect that (the rest of the season) will be tough, but we can do it,” said Shapiro-Scavuzzo.