Titan Click Drives the Importance of Safety to Attention


Story by: Erin McFarland

Teachers and faculty at West have always pushed safety and excellent behavior for students, but now the students are pushing back. A new club has been established at West, Titan Click, and they are fighting for safer driving for not only students but teachers.

The student leaders of Titan Click went to Columbia over the summer to attend a conference called Team Spirit where they found reason to create a club. This conference featured many speakers who inspired the audience.

“I was really motivated to share my experience and new ways with students at my school to better our community around West and even in Lee’s Summit,” said Junior Libby Kane after attending the Columbia conference.

Texting or participating in any other activity while driving is a risk and danger to everyone else on the road, no matter the age of the driver.

“A teacher driving unsafely can do just as much damage as a teen driving unsafely,” said Junior Audrey Fleenor.

Even though the topic of driving is serious, the students involved in Titan Click have exciting activities planned to keep the atmosphere lively.

“Obviously we want people to drive safely but we won’t accomplish that by forcing information into their brains,” said Fleenor.

During the week of Homecoming, Titan Click is hoping to have relays in the parking lot. There will also be a state wide competition called Battle of the Belts for all Lee’s Summit West students and teachers to participate in.

“People should learn how important it is to always buckle up when you get in the car and to always keep your eyes on the road and the road only,” said Kane.

However being a bad driver does not mean you cannot join Titan Click. It is encouraged because then you may learn to quit your bad driving habits.

“I’m not a very good driver as it is so adding unnecessary distractions is irresponsible on my part,” said Fleenor.

The first Titan Click meeting was held on September 3rd and new meeting dates should be released in upcoming weeks. Ideals are high for the change one club can make at West.

“I am hoping Titan Click can make a difference,” said Kane.