Kindness Council Dances at Apple Fest


Story by Hailey Skinner

On Thursday Sept. 25 West’s Kindness Council practiced their dance moves for the upcoming homecoming dance in an unconventional way… with men and women at least 50 years their senior.

Around 15 members of Kindness Council made a trip to John Knox Village from 2-3 p.m. with their club leader, Christine Betts and club sponsor, Beth Cramer-Cumins. Kindness Council made the appearance in order participate in the old folks home’s Apple Dance Festival.

Senior Hannah Ogden was one of the club’s members who made the trip out to the celebration. “We went there and helped hand out pie and drinks and dance with the residents,” she said.

Senior Megan Creek also attended the activity. It was Creek’s first outing with Kindness Council, and the positive environment made her look forward to participating in future events. “It was very happy, but very laid back. A soft atmosphere I would say. It was comfortable for everyone,” she said.

Although the activity was a success by the end of the day, Ogden thought it took a little while for the activity to get going, “It was really awkward at first, but then the musician started playing and two residents got up and started dancing,” Ogden said.

Apparently this was all it took to get the party (or festival) going. “After that our members went out and asked people to dance and it was a really fun experience getting to talk to the residents,” Ogden said.

Creek said her favorite part of the activity was the social aspect, “I enjoyed walking around and talking to everyone. They were all very nice, they were all smiles and couldn’t have been happier that we were there.”

At the end of the day, the purpose of the trip was not to entertain the students, but the residents of the home.

Odgen said that purpose was achieved, “They were really happy. They got to remember what it was like when they were younger. One of the men started crying because of our square dancing and line dancing. It reminded him of his late wife who was a square dancer.”

Kindness Council plans to continue to serve the school and community in ways that reflect its purpose. Service projects will be held every month, each having to do with a theme. On top of that, in November and December the club plans to collect donations for Hope House like they did last year. The club will also be holding another talent show later this school year.

As Kindness council grows, so does it’s influence. “This is my first year in Kindness Council but I think that it has really grown and will continue growing. I think it brings a positive influence to LSW and the community,” Creek said.