Oct. 7: National News Engagement Day


Today, Oct. 7, is recognized by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication as National News Engagement Day. The organization aims to encourage others, especially young people, to stay informed.

English teacher Jennifer Hauck said “we can’t make decisions or make the world a better place if we’re not informed on what’s really happening.”

History teacher and self-proclaimed ‘news junkie’ Christy Dabalos said “the news will have an impact on you. To not be informed is living in the dark.”

“When you vote, you have to know what’s going on-that’s how you make a change,” said Dabalos.

In this day and age, staying informed is as easy as clicking ‘follow’ on twitter. “It’s readily available,” said Dabalos.

“I get my news from twitter,” said Library Secretary Nancy White, “it’s up to the minute. Something happens and its there.”

That being said, it’s also important to keep diverse sources. “You have to be cautious. Pay attention to motive, to bias, to what’s not being said,” said Dabalos.

“If you watch the same network long enough you’ll realize there is always something they’re not telling you” said Dabalos.

So today and from now on, stay informed about the world around you. Knowledge is power.