School Spirit Shown Through Face Paint


Story by Lexie Salamone

Photos courtesy of Annie Parscale

During the 2014 football season, theme nights have begun to emerge for the home games. With this, Senior Annie Parscale has been painting her face to correspond with the game themes.

“The first themed football game was American themed and all my friends decided to paint little American flags on their faces. I thought it would be cool to paint my whole face as an American flag and all my friends thought it was an awesome idea. I was scared people would judge but I did it anyways. Everyone loved it so I decided to make it a thing and I also painted my face for the Dig for the Cure game that following Wednesday,” said Parscale.

By the time the next football game came around, everyone was asking Parscale how she was going to paint her face, even though she did not plan on doing it again.

The LSW 12th Man told Parscale she should continue to do it, so from then on, she decided to paint her face for every game. Although the 12th Man thinks the West student section could be more lively, Annie lives up to their expectations. “Annie is an awesome fan she comes to every game pumped up,” Senior Carsen Pickard said.

Senior Annie Parscale poses with friend senior Lexy Peterson at LSN during the rivalry game. Although the game wasn’t at West, that didn’t stop Parscale from taking the ’80s workout theme to the extreme.

Junior Laura Boughan is the artist in behind the painting of Parscale’s face.

“Annie has a great outgoing personality so her bold face brings a lot of fun and different team spirit to the game,” said Boughan.

Parscale has painted her face for ‘80s, American, neon, “Welcome to the Jungle”, and redneck theme nights for football along with the Dig for the Cure volleyball game.

“I think it shows that even though we have a select few people that are the 12th man you can still show a crazy amount of school spirit and be a part of the student section,” Parscale said. “Everyone is always wondering what I’ll do next so thats exciting. Since I go all out I think it gives others the motivation to dress up on theme nights too! which gets the whole student section pumped for the game.”