Blue oKCtober


Commentary by Bailey Hamilton

Am I dreaming? Are the Kansas City Royals America’s team? Are we actually playing in post season games? Not only just the postseason, but are we actually going to the World Series?!?! Guys, this is huge. We are the only team to be undefeated for 8 games, in a row in post season, ever!

The weather was almost too good to be true for the game Wednesday night. Not a cloud in sight, it was a blue oKCtober sky.

Electric, that is the only word to describe the crowd and Royals fans at Kauffman on game days. Royal blue everywhere you look and not a frown to be seen (It’s nearly impossible to not be happy when you are there!).

Something about sporting events is so uniting; From the hugging the random person sitting next to you and high fiving all the people around, it’s awesome. Wednesday nights game was no exception.

I was lucky enough to be able to experience a postseason game at Kauffman Stadium cheering on the boys in blue. It truly is a once in a lifetime thing, no words or pictures will ever do it justice.

I have gone to countless baseball games in my life, but nothing will ever compare. I stood up almost the whole time, screamed as loud as I could when Hosmer would touch the ball because well, he’s dreamy, and waved my Royal blue towel around as fast as I could.

Tonight night will be life changing, I’ll be sitting front row at a World Series game, cheering on my boys in blue. Let’s all hope this Blue OCKtober ends with a bang and a World Series title.

Photo courtesy of Bailey Hamilton