Senior Sculpting Her Future


Story by Sadie Webb


Following in her Mothers foot steps, Sierra Hegarty has always had a passion for art.

“Well I really grew up with art because my mom was an artist on the side so ever since I was really little I’ve been into it,” said Hegarty.

Hegarty has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. “Well she has always loved art. She used to just draw in her free time but now she has acquired an amazing talent in clay sculpting where I can actually be impressed compared to her past deformed drawing days,” said Marissa Zimmerman, Hegarty’s step-sister.

Since then she has transformed into doing sculptures. “She’s always had a really strong sense of the 3D art world. She can manipulate the clay. She sees things in the round like that, and she’s grown because she’s expanded a little more. She’s doing people know, proportions, figures, she’s just pushing herself, she’s always continually pushing herself, to do the next step, with bigger and better stuff,” said Mrs. Graves, Hegarty’s art teacher.

Hegarty has had her art on display in many places one of which being UCM, and has entered her art in competitions. “I won an award there when my art teacher suggested I enter my work in their competition,” said Hegarty.

While doing it for school Hegarty has also found it was a great way to relieve stress and built up energy. “It has really inspired me to express my feelings in a creative way and its a big stress reliever,” said Hegarty.

Hegarty has found her passion and wants to continue after graduation. “I hope to be an art teacher and do my own studio art on the side. I feel like if I make a successful career in art it will encourage more people to do so,” said Hegarty.

As Hegarty continues through like her teachers are sure she will succeed as she continues to pursue her passion. “I think she’ll be very successful, she could do this through college and make a career out of it, she does an awesome job,” said Graves.