Is Text-a-Tip Effective?


Hailey Skinner interviews School Resource Officer Bobby Conard.

Q: How effective has Text-A-Tip been at LSW?

A: We have received numerous tips that have led to positive outcomes. We have conducted investigations ranging from possession of drugs to suicidal students

Q: Where did the idea for Text-A-Tip come from?

A: We already had the Tip Line for the District, to call and leave a message, but we were searching for another way to connect with students who had concerns about safety issues.

Q: What is the process of action after a tip is received?

A: Administration starts an investigation. Sometimes that will involve contacting the texter, via the system with a text, to get further information. The investigation will then go in what ever direction is needed,.

Q: Is it really anonymous?

A: Yes, the system allows administration to communicate back with the texter, via text, but it does not give administration any further information about the caller

Q: Does it make it easier for you to do your job?

A: I believe that this system makes the school a safer place, which is the ultimate goal

Q: About how many tips do you think you receive monthly? How many of those are serious and how many are a joke?

A: We receive several text a tips every week. Sometimes we might only get one or two and other times we might get 7-8. Some are jokes, which are annoying and waste time, but the vast majority of the texts that are received are students who are reporting a legitimate concern for their safety or someone else’s safety.