To our audience


The tragic loss of Caleb Gotway, a Titan family member has left many of us in the Titan nation with raw emotions and sometimes clouded thinking. The Titan Scroll editors made every effort to respectfully cover the death of a student, acknowledge the feelings of those closest to him, and create a lasting piece. Because the paper had to be to our printer by 8 a.m. Monday; because many of Caleb’s friends expressed a strong desire for the story not to be covered, and because the factual information — as opposed to rumor — was limited, our editors chose to remember Caleb with a small picture collage including his friends.

lswestonline instagram is combined effort of Titan TV and the Titan Scroll staffs, offering a free exchange of information and ideas for the students and community of Lee’s Summit West. Comments that were posted on lswestonline instagram, even those that are critical of the Titan Scroll, should not be censored. That is not what we’re about. While we have confusion as to how some comments may have been deleted and who is responsible, our Social Media staff wants to assure our audience that removing comments, or censoring the free expression of anyone is not condoned.