Student Profile: Lucy Taylor


Story by Samantha Murkin

Students that fill the halls of LSW carry with them their own story of. According to Freshman Lucy Taylor, her story is not extensive. “I’m not a very interesting person,” she said.

Taylor said she enjoys time on Netflix and Tumblr and has an abundance of knowledge on shows like “Sherlock” and “Supernatural”.

Like most teenage girls Taylor said she fights with her younger sisters, and has academic goals based solely on not failing math. However, unlike most teenage girls, Taylor has a passion for writing. “In 7th grade I wrote about fifteen chapters of a book.”

Taylor said her book follows the story of a shapeshifter and teenagers in the Ozarks. Taylor said she has a journal for school, with the back half dedicated to random writings whenever inspiration hits. “I just write about what I’m thinking or something that’s upsetting me. Kind of like an outlet.”

Taylor said reading helps her refine her craft.“Right now I’m reading a book on mythology. It’s really good.”

Freshman Mackenzie Moore, Taylor’s best friend, said Taylor has an open mind.

“I can tell her anything,” said Moore.

“She always has been pretty introverted,” said Librarian Amy Taylor and Lucy’s mother, “She’s always been very thoughtful about things and very inquisitive.”

“One other thing I would say about Lucy that I’ve always admired about her is that she doesn’t really care what other people are interested in she’s her own person,” Amy said.

“My proudest achievement was when I hid Doctor Who references in a library board here. It was before I went to school here,” Taylor said, “No one ever noticed.”


Taylor participated in Youth in Government this past December and is pictured second from the left.