Art class creates team project


Maddi Cipolla

This week in the halls of Lee’s Summit West, art students hung up the projects they have been working on as a class. The projects range from the Royals stadium to a portrait of Caleb Gotway. Gotway recently passed away in a car accident and this is just one of many ways the students of LSW have chosen to recognize him.



Alex Asbury

Art teacher, Brandon Briscoe’s Foundations of Drawing class worked as a class on a grid project. Each class voted on image they wanted to recreate and worked together drew each part on separate mini sheets and combined to make one large image. There have been images of the Plaza, the Millennium Falcon, Kauffman Stadium, and the Caleb Gotway tribute. Most artwork is displayed outside Briscoe’s room in the hallway, and the Caleb Gotway piece is hung up right outside Bateman Hall.