Affordable summer concerts


With school ending and summer coming up quick, many of us are on a tight budget to enjoy everything there is to do around Kansas City. Most people don’t actually know that they can enjoy live entertainment for as cheap as $7 and possibly even FREE.

At Worlds of Fun there is an All American Barbecue & Brew Festival that many people participate in. The cost of this is a usual day pass to WOF (As low as $25). You can come and enjoy the live entertainment here while you’re eating a pork rib on a bench! This event will take place in either Late June, or beginning of July, the set date and time is still unannounced.

Most people don’t actually know that for general admission of $7.50 each night you attend you can enjoy 3 different “concerts” at Summit Waves! While you’re taking a dip in the pool, enjoy a DJ and entertainment on the teen nights for June 8th, June 22nd, and July 13th from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Cricket Wireless is one of many places who throw out little cheap concert tickets to people around here. The link to all of the concerts you can attend over the summer is found here.

For the ones who enjoy a more theatrical side, Starlight Theater has many cheap tickets for you. Go to their website and you can find all of the new performances here.

But some people may wonder where the ‘free’ things are in Kansas City. Let me mention that KC Jazz is also a very big way to enjoy a concert here. Downtown Days is one way many of these musicians show their style. Downtown Days occurs this coming weekend June 6th and June 7th and yes, this is a FREE event.