Throwback Halloween movies


By Lauren Roberts

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Halloween, a holiday for all ages.  No matter how old you are, Halloween movies have always been a huge part of the holiday and something people look forward to.  

People’s tastes can differ on their types of Halloween movies, “Some love the nostalgic Disney movies,” said Junior Laura Behm. Others appreciate a good horror film. Everyone has their favorites, ranging from Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown(s) to Scream or Children of the Corn.  

At the same time, some people don’t like Halloween films at all. Behm has a specific opinion on her taste. “I think that old movies or throwback halloween movies are always better because when you watch a throwback you have memories linked to it and that’s why you like it so much.  It’s fun to relive the memories while you watch the movie,” said Behm.

In my opinion, I think that the throwback movies will always be the best movies, no matter what genre, and I admit my bias.

I love when the October ABC family movie list comes out, or I see that a #TBT movie is playing. It’s just what I’ve been used to and I can’t imagine going through the entire month of October without watching Halloweentown.



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