Retro night


By Carsyn Owens

Eastglen Theatres was replaced with B&B Theatres a while ago (and it was for the better, Eastglen was a mess and a half), and one of their additions to the place is Retro Night. It happens every Thursday(#ThrowbackThursday?) where they play a classic from back in the day for just $5.

Side note: the ticket may only be $5 but the popcorn is a whole different story(I thought I would be fine with just another $5 but that was NOT the case).

First of all, the audience was way bigger than I expected; it was a full house, and IMG_0199not just the typical
John Knox couples you would expect to be there. No, there were kids, teens and adults all there.

Now….the movie that was playing was “Clue”. First-things-first, that was the first time I ever saw that movie and it messed with my brain SO much. Mr. Green wasn’t really gay? The Jesus-freak was really Mr. Green’s boss? WHAT!

Major plot twists all throughout the movie. For example, I thought the maid was just some innocent sweet little girl that was lowkey a pro
stitute, but nah she had a lot of dirt on everyone.

AND can we all talk about how crazy Mrs. Peacock was?! Swear she was drunk the entire time; she was a mess! She would NOT stop talking in the beginning, she would NOT stop screaming for the entire movie, her funky little hat kept falling off yet she insisted she kept it on. She had me laughing the entire time.

The one scene where some of the characters made out with the corpses was SO creative… how did they think of that and HOW did they possibly get away with something like that?!

The ending was a little drawn out, but I thought it was a nice twist compared to most movies. I genuinely believed Miss. Scarlett was behind all of it after they explained everything, but NOPE! I knew drunken Peacock was not capable of killing that many people, so I didn’t take that conclusion very seriously.

Despite the typical 1985 cheesy acting and odd storyline, the movie was great. It was comforting to know that we weren’t the only ones willing to go all the way to the movies to see a movie most people have already seen decades ago. B&B has done a great job cleaning up the place after Eastglen, and I think Lee’s Summit citizens are respecting the place a bit more than they used to.