Is Christmas coming too early?

Infographic by Jesslyn Jakobe

Commentary by Jesslyn Jakobe

Every year, when October comes to a close and November peaks it’s head around the corner, one can look out the window and be greeted with with cheery reds, greens, and golds of their neighbor’s christmas decorations. Stores are stocked with holiday items, radio stations play Jingle Bells on repeat, and this puzzling question pops into people’s mind: are people forcing Christmas to come too early? Overall, the opinions here at West are very split.

For many students, it’s very exasperating to see people throw themselves in the Christmas spirit so early, and it’s not uncommon to hear complaints. I’ve even caught myself making a fuss walking through a department store the day after Halloween, only to be greeted by the high, not-so-pleasant voices of Alvin and the Chipmunks singing their Christmas song.

As many people know, Thanksgiving is a popular holiday that falls between Halloween and Christmas, and some people feel it deserves some recognition.

“Thanksgiving is actually a holiday, but it’s a really skipped holiday, and the fact that we go straight from halloween [to Christmas] …There’s a holiday in the middle of that, people.” said Senior Patrick Weber.

Thanksgiving does tend to be put in the shadow (probably from the glare of all those christmas lights), but this holiday is widely popular none the less. I feel the main reason Christmas is more widely accepted, even in November, is because it’s a world wide Holiday, whereas only the United States and Canada break out their turkey basters to celebrate the fall harvest.

Other students have a very differing opinion, and don’t mind that little extra holiday joy a couple months early. Some people like the experience of setting out decorations and gazing at the displays. Freshman Sam Royce enjoys the Christmas music that plays before the holidays.

“It’s Christmas music time anytime of the year, no matter what month, no matter what weather, you can always play christmas music because it’s jolly and happy and makes everybody feel good inside.” said Royce.

Another source of early holiday frustration stems from the shopping departments. Stores tend to set up their Christmas displays months before the holiday season, which can seem strange. This, paired with the constant loop of Christmas tunes is nothing more than effective marketing. People may think it’s annoying, but stores set up these displays because they work. Their goal is to get people into the holiday mood, so they’ll buy holiday items. Even so, sometimes people don’t want to have the Christmas spirit thrown in their face when grocery shopping.

“I do understand the need to prepare, but to prepare almost two months in advance, that’s a little much” said Junior Sam Allen.

In the end, the Christmas season will always come, no matter if it’s the day after Halloween or a week after Thanksgiving. Some people love the endearment of the Holiday cheer and singing along to Here comes Santa Claus, while others are driven crazy by the barrage of inflatable snowmen and candy canes. Either way, the important thing to remember is to relax, enjoy the holidays, and contemplate the fact that home decor stores sell Christmas trees in September.