Graduation Gift Ideas


Giving Grad Gifts: West seniors have their last moments and in those moments receive presents for their hard work. Read on to find out what these seniors want.


Senior Justin Nitz finds any kind of payment through money or a select amount of gift cards to be beneficial for graduation. “I would have to go with either cash or a Quik Trip or Starbucks gift card” said Nitz.  


Senior Anna Huffman has a more pricy approach to buying a present for her hard work.“A MacBook in space gray…or a new car, either one” said Huffman. Senior Stacie Chatman has a more traditional approach to what to buy for her. “Money or college dorm stuff like pillows or mirrors” said Chatman.


Money seems to be at the top of the list for all seniors. However more and more people are stepping away from the classic $20 inside a Hallmark card. Resources like Google and Pinterest are pulling up new and creative ways to give money.


For example, one do it yourself idea is saving an old tissue box and then tape a bunch of dollar bills together for a long strand. The bills would then be folded nicely together and attached to a piece of paper.


The bills would be inserted in the bottom and the piece of paper which might say something like, “pull me!” or “take me” would be left in plain sight at the top of the tissue box. Chatman thinks that gifts like money or anything to help promote the seniors helps seniors greatly.
“They help you get ready for the future, they also boost your confidence and shows you how proud your family is” said Chatman. DSC_1225