Top 10 Best test Taking tips

  1. Think About Previous Tests

If you look at your grades from previous tests that you took this year and you analyze how hard they were, that could determine if you only need to study the night before or whether you need to prepare days in advance.


   2.   Read The Directions Carefully

I know it’s a pain to read the directions when you think you already know the answer but the question could throw in a “ Which one is NOT” question and then you get the question wrong and fail.


3. Stay Relaxed And Be Confident In What You Know

When taking the test stay relaxed but focused on the task at hand. If you studied or reviewed earlier that day or yesterday at night then you will do ok on it. Sometimes believing in yourself and going with your gut answer is enough for the A.


   4. If There Is Time After, Check Your Answers

This is also a pain and when you’re done with the test your don’t really feel like going back through and looking at the questions all over again but it’s worth it if you accidentally skip a question.


    5. Eat Breakfast

When you wake up and don’t feel like having breakfast you should still eat something. When  you go to sleep and wake up your body hasn’t eaten, dank water , or gone to the bathroom for 7 or 8 straight hours so your body naturally needs more nutrients or needs to dispose of waste.



   6. Get A Good Night’s Rest

I know you think you should stay up and study hard and cram as much into your brain and then go to sleep but you don’t have too. Right before you go to bed look at your notes one or two times through and then turn the lights off and go to sleep and you’ll be surprised what you remember when you wake up.


   7. Process of Elimination

If you come to a question where you don’t know the answer cross off the ones you don’t know. Then if you get it down to 2 answers you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right so chose the stronger answer, or you could just pick C.


   8. Study In Different Ways

Sometimes just looking at the notes isn’t enough so what else could I do?

Well you could make flashcards or have someone quiz you over your notes, make a practice test and practice problems. You could use websites like Quizlet, Studyblue, Kahoot, or Quizizz.


   9.  Don’t Rush

Slow and steady gets the A. Don’t try and be the first one done, you don’t get a medal or a special prize or extra credit what you do it is a big, fat, F. take your time to read each question and the answer thoroughly.


   10. Your Attitude reflects your Aptitude

If you want to be in the class and you enjoy it, then your test grades with be higher than if you don’t like the subject or the people in the class.