With Wednesday being the official start of West’s 2016-2017 school year many students have spent the past weeks buying supplies and preparing themselves for the start of the new year. Many students have focused on the natural essentials like notebooks and pens, but here are a few personal items students should stock up on before the new year begins.


  1. Gum: This is to help for those classes where time seems to stand still or to hold you over until lunch
  2. Tissues: Nothing is worse than needing a tissue in the middle of class and realising your teacher’s supply is out, and having to make a walk of shame to grab brown paper towels from the bathroom.
  3. Deodorant: This is for those days when you can’t remember whether or not you put deodorant in the morning or your teacher decides to have a surprise class outside in the middle of August.
  4. Ibuprofen: Before popping this in your bag, make sure your parents signed the waiver for you in the health office and to not get caught giving it to other students. You never know when you may get really strong cramps or a pounding headache.
  5. Phone Charger: Hopefully most students are lucky to have a teacher that is kind enough to let students charge their phones. If you are lucky enough to have this, it is a good idea to have an extra charger in your bag for you or someone who needs it.
  6. Hand Sanitizer: Being in one building with over 2,000 students and faculty means being exposed to an uncanny amount of bacteria and germs. Your mom and your grades will thank you for this later when you are not missing a week of school with the flu.
  7. Earbuds: This is especially useful now that every student has a Chromebook, but it’s also useful for those days when the sight of human beings is stressful.
  8. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated also means a smaller chance of a student getting sick, and it will help to keep you healthy and hydrated through the school year. 
  9. Light Snack: Always keep a light snack that will not make a mess in your backpack. It will help keep spirits high and save any 3rd gloom.
  10. Planner: Since students at West are not getting a planner this year, it may be helpful to have something to write your day-to-day reminders in. For a little extra creativity, make your own or buy one with a blank cover to decorate with pictures or stickers.
  11. Books: Most lower level English classes require a book for Wednesday classes. If your class does not participate in this, it would still be wise to keep one for downtime in class.
  12. Spend a little extra money and purchase a special set of colored pens or a fun notebook. Just get something that you would enjoy using on a regular basis.