“Suicide Squad” is the new DC mashup movie including but not limited to the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and El Diablo.

The plot is about a gang of villains called “Suicide Squad” who have been taken out of prison and forced into a top secret government program as a backup plan for homeland security.  The government uses villains to take the blame so the government won’t look bad if they fail.  I believe the plot had faults.  The main villain/problem of the movie didn’t make much sense to me, and things felt very rushed.  There were too many characters so not every character got the attention they deserved.

The Joker was implied to have more scenes in the movie than he really did.  Also, the new Joker was a lot different than the old one, and not just including his makeup.  I liked the new Joker a lot, especially his different relationship with Harley Quinn.  In the comics, the Joker uses, abuses, and abandons Harley on many occasions.  Alternatively, in the movie they were goals as an amazing bad couple.  I really liked how the creators portrayed the couple as something different.  I also liked the Joker’s new makeup much more because it was grungy and bad but less creepy and gross.

Many critics had strong opinions to share on “Suicide Squad.”  Rotten Tomatoes has given a  “Suicide Squad” a 26% as of August 11th.  I think as a viewer solely watching the movie for entertainment, I would suggest to see this movie because of the appealing aesthetic and the amazing characters.