Class president plans the Future for West


By Alan Brasfield

There’s been a lot of speculation from students at LSW surrounding the what the senior class president, David Treece, has planned for the future of the 2016-17 school year.

The anticipation for the student senate’s actions for the upcoming year has encapsulated a lot of students and teachers at West. “ As far as fundraisers go, [past presidents] have kinda been the point on picking the organizations we work with… definitely help out with… all the dance themes, not just homecoming,”  said Student Senate sponsor Michael Shortino.

With the brand new school year finally here, it’s clear that a lot of responsibility will go to the senate regarding school activities, so many people are looking to the class president, senior David Treece, for answers.

“David and I are close because he runs cross country track for me so we bounce a lot of ideas off each other…we’ll work really close together more than we have in past presidencies,” said Shortino.

David isn’t the only one working hard to make this school year great. Many of the responsibilities can go beyond the president.

“…David does a lot of it, but if he like ever needs anything I’ll help out…like for the assembly I made a lot of the stuff for the minute to win it game,” said senior Vice President Emma Costello.

There are many expectations for this year, and the students are patiently awaiting the next move to be made by the student senate.

The plan for the new year is to invoke a strong sense of community for the new school year,  “…[for] everyone to get involved in something I think is what I want. I really want everyone to enjoy this years school experience,” said Costello.

The president himself has been working hard to bring this point across, and bring the community together. The student senate has been doing work inside and outside the walls of Lee’s Summit West to give back to the city, “We do philanthropy for the community, this fall we’re doing a Band-Aid drive…for kids in the hospital, it makes me happy…” said senior Class President David Treece.

Some of the new plans have a `lot of people excited, and anxiously awaiting the coming events. The presidency gives a lot of freedom for Treece to reach out to his fellow classmates, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the months ahead.

“…Just making it a good year, especially for the seniors, the kids that I’ve gone to school with my whole life…there’s little things I think I can do as president to make it a fun year for them,” said Treece. “fun spirit games for homecoming, playing music in the hallways during christmas time, stuff like that that’ll make it a memorable year.”

Photography from Jenny Santee