Movie remakes of 2016… are they worth watching?

The Ghostbusters remake movie was a hit featuring women as the lead characters. Photo courtesy from the Ghostbusters official website.

Commentary by Jacob Logan.

Most good ideas are hard to come by, even for the people in Hollywood that are payed to come up with them.

There have been countless classic movies that have come out through the years; it seems like every year a movie comes out that have already been made, such as Carrie, Point Break and RoboCop.

Hollywood is keeping up with this trend and has some new ideas coming out or already out for remakes in 2016.  This year they have came out with Independence Day: Resurgence, reigniting the Independence Day franchise which started in 1996.  

The Independence Day remake movie did not have as many hits as the original movie did in 1996. Photo courtesy to
The Independence Day remake movie did not have as many hits as the original movie did in 1996. Photo courtesy to

The original Independence Day is the story of an alien invasion in modern day ‘96.  It is the job of the human race to defend itself against a species so advanced that they have no idea how to destroy it.

Independence Day: Resurgence brings that same idea of an alien invasion, except this time the human race has taken note of the aliens technology and feel as though they are unstoppable.  This idea becomes crashing down on them as the alien race sends everything in their arsenal towards Earth. It is once again the job of the humans to save the only planet they have.

Although Independence Day: Resurgence had $90 million more of a budget, it did not even make half of what Independence Day made in the box office.  This is also proved by Rotten Tomatoes giving the original a 61% and giving the new addition a 32%.

Another movie that came out this summer was a much anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo: Finding Dory.

With most of the students at West growing up in the 2000’s, most people know Finding Nemo.  It is the animated tale of a fish named Nemo trying to live his life and be free.  His overprotective father, Marlin, wishes that he would just be prudent and stay in the safety of the anemone.  Once Nemo takes his independence and rebellion a little too far, he gets caught by humans and Marlin has to go on a massive adventure in order to find him.  Marlin meets many new friends on the journey, the most important one being Dory, and together they search to try and save Nemo from the humans.

Finding Dory is the sequel to Finding Nemo. In Finding Dory, Dory remembers only one thing from childhood: somehow getting separated from her family.  This is significant because Dory always forgets things and the fact that she can remember this is remarkable.  On a whim, Dory decides to try and look for her family with her friends Marlin and Nemo by her side.  Together they set out on an epic journey to find Dory’s family.

Finding Nemo came out in 2003 with a budget of $94 million dollars.  As of 2013 the film has made over $940 million.  Finding Dory came out in the summer of 2016 with a $200 million budget.  As of August 30th, Finding Dory has made over $480 million.  Rotten Tomatoes has rated both of the movies at over 90%.

Finding Dory has been a hit to most of the teenagers who were a fan of Finding Nemo when they were a child. Photo courtesy to Disney's official movie website.
Finding Dory has been a hit to most of the teenagers who were a fan of Finding Nemo when they were a child. Photo courtesy to Disney’s official movie website.

One of the latest movies to come out was Ghostbusters.  This time featuring an all female cast made up of past and present Saturday Night Live stars.

Ghostbusters (1984) takes place in New York City. NYC is considered to be a pretty busy place where it takes something really strange to be acknowledged. For locals of the area, when supernatural activity starts to happen they have no idea who to call.  Then four men, with little support, decide to take the initiative to take care of these ghosts.  When ghosts start taking over any part of town, everybody is now looking to the Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters (2016) is basically the exact same principle of the original.  This time the movie is given a hint of comedy mixed in with the action of killing ghosts.  Four women decide to take the role of the Ghostbusters and again, no one has faith in them. Against the odds, everyone stills seems to need them in the end.

Hollywood has a way of making people entertained.  They would of course know how to, they have been doing it for years.  In the 2016 Ghostbusters movie they did this by giving almost every original main character from the original series a cameo in this film.  This came as a relief to most moviegoers as most were hoping to see Bill Murray back in a Ghostbusters film.

With Hollywood having a massive list of movies to remake, it seems that as long as they are almost as good as the original, people will go see it.  With special effects being the best they have ever been, we may even start to be seeing movies that are just coming back to be redone and have even better effects. No matter what, as long as fans can just be satisfied with their experience, Hollywood has done its job.