Students best Homecoming proposals


By Brooklyn Warrick

With Homecoming approaching a bit earlier this year, proposals started as early as the second week of school.

Senior Parker Williams was asked by West graduate Trent Jones as she was walking up to his house. “I got out of my car and walked up and there was chalk that said ‘Parker will you go to homecoming, if you say yes go down stairs’ I went down stairs and there was a picture of us and a cup saying ‘homecoming?'”

Senior Addie Leabo was asked by Nick Pritchett before school on a rainy morning when she wasn’t expecting it “we were in the parking lot before school and he asked me to get his book out of the trunk of his car and I opened the trunk and there was a poster that said ‘ ‘HOCO?’ And the letters were spelled out with reese’s peanut butter cups”



Sophomore Kaitlyn Butler asked Lee’s Summit North Sophomore Cameron Hicks by incorporating a sport he plays. “I made a baseball diamond out of paper and wrote  ‘will you round the bases to homecoming with me?’ I also bought two baseballs and one said ‘yes’ and the other said ‘no’ and I put the diamond on the ground by my feet and held the two baseballs for him to pick,” Butler said.

Junior Camryn Halboth was sent on a scavenger hunt by Senior Nick Eggleston when he didn’t meet her in the parking lot after school like normal. Halboth found a note tied to her car handle that said “for your first clue on this hunt go to the restaurant we went to on the first day of summer 2015.” Halboth then went to Olive Garden and found a note taped to the bench outside that read “go to our favorite cupcake store.” Halboth went to Small Cakes to find another note that said “now head home.” When Halboth got to her front door she found the last note of the scavenger hunt that said “now come find me.” Halboth found Eggleston hiding behind the house with a cupcake from Small Cakes and flowers. Halboth said Eggleston is “normally a very predictable person but I didn’t know it was coming until I read the first note, he has only surprised me 3 times since we have been together.”