Students discuss views on makeup


Story by Hailey Paulson

Cosmetics grips $24 billion dollars of our industry today as well as many of the students here at West. A few students “touch up” on the topics of the purpose of makeup.  

Makeup claims many different views; some positive and some negative. Much of the argument for makeup lies between the lines of either disguising people or using it in an art form.

While the views show a sense of confidence in makeup, students start to split up on the use of makeup. Senior Hannah Simmons said make up is “used to fix imperfections, but also to be creative with yourself and express yourself.”

“I kind of do it more for like fun. On a daily basis I do it because it just makes me feel better about my appearance…It makes me happier, whenever I put makeup on it makes me feel better about myself,” Junior Lauren Turner said.

Sophomore Maryn White also takes the side of applying makeup for entertainment. “I personally just do makeup because I think that it’s fun. A lot of people try to hide stuff with it but I just think it’s a way to enhance your already natural beauty,” she said.

There are many people who use makeup on a day to day basis however, junior Katie Penticuff does not. “It’s just too much effort. It’s too much work, waking up and then washing your face, then you have to put on makeup after it. I would rather sleep in…I actually really like makeup and I have a lot of it, I just only use it for special occasions I guess,” said Penticuff.

Junior Dylan Brendall finds makeup to be of use to everyone, “I think anyone should be able to wear it [makeup] if they want to…It’s another way to express yourself besides clothing or hair,” he said.

Makeup was in use during an activity Brendall participates in. “Probably wearing it in theatre is kind of what started me doing it and then it just kind of went from there,” said Brendall, “It just kind of helps me feel a little bit better about myself. If I am breaking out I can just cover up.”

Contrasting to most of the student’s views is junior Logan Baker. “I like it better whenever my girlfriend doesn’t wear makeup because she looks really pretty that way because it brings out her eyes,” he said.  

Simmons has a unique perspective compared to other student’s views, “I’m in art and I really like painting and drawing and I feel like through make up I can be creative. I’ve done a lot of crazy type make-up before. I like the fact that my face is a canvas,” she said. 

However, this was not always the case with Simmons. “Freshman year… I just wore makeup because that’s what I needed to do to be pretty but now I know that I am pretty. I feel I’m free with make up,” said Simmons.  

On the contrary, Penticuff did not ever feel the need to worry about putting on makeup. “I pretty much all through middle school didn’t wear anything, so in high school I don’t really feel like I need it,” said Penticuff.  

Penticuff also expressed her views on wearing cosmetics. “I think that if you are more comfortable wearing makeup that’s not a bad thing. I think it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin,” said Penticuff.

White was introduced to makeup differently than others. “When I won Miss Missouri Jr. Teen in 2014… I got my hair and makeup done at nationals for the national pageant and that’s kind of how I got introduced to it because it was a professional makeup artist and everything and she was really nice and showing me all the different things,” said White.

Photo Take By Hailey Paulson
Senior Hannah Simmons said she is an artist and she likes “the fact that my face is a cavas.” Photo by Hailey Paulson

Simmons is not afraid to be natural as well. “I could go without foundation and all the stuff I would put on my face. It’s just I tend to prefer to wear makeup because it feels like I’m a walking painting,” said Simmons.  

The negative affect is very clear to Logan. “I think it has a more negative take because it kind of makes them feel like they have to use that stuff to look better but really they just look good naturally and the way they are,” said Logan.   

There was some relation in how Penticuff felt about others using makeup. “I think a lot of people not necessarily from our school but in general don’t want to go out without their face on,” said Penticuff.

Penticuff values being comfortable in her own skin. “My parents and everyone around me growing up tried to encourage confidence and to love yourself and just to look at yourself in the mirror and be like ‘ I look good today’ even if you don’t,” said Penticuff.

No matter the positive or negative effect makeup has on individuals here at West, White thinks there is always one thing a person ponders on in a desire to change. “We all have our insecurities,” said White.

White recognizes the importance of noticing the beauty within. “No matter how much makeup I wear, I’m still beautiful without it. I think that once girls realise that, realise that they can be confident with themselves without wearing makeup then they can figure out how to wear some at a time but just enhance their beauty not just cover it up,” said White.