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Tag: student life

Behind the S(AA)Cenes

Peyton Osborne In sports, the rules are set, the coaches run the team, and the athletes play the game. However, Lee’s Summit West’s SAAC, or...

Students share the meaning behind their tattoos

Sarah Hall  As people grow up, they find new ways to express their identities, but some choose to do it permanently.   Junior Kennedy Hendrick got her...

Tips to Succeed in Online Learning

Online learning can be difficult for some, so here is a list of tips to help your digital studies.

Student’s Battle With Illness Brings Hope

Different people have different medical conditions that affect their everyday life. For sophomore Aidan Jones, that is a medical condition called cystic fibrosis, or...

Abby Sauer pursues creative outlooks in the kitchen

Abby White Most teens these days are active on social media, but senior Abby Sauer takes it one step further engaging in a different side...

Students discuss views on makeup

Story by Hailey Paulson Cosmetics grips $24 billion dollars of our industry today as well as many of the students here at West. A few...

The Commons Means Time for Lunch

Juniors Austin Dismond, Thomas Palmer, and Alex Breshears become enamored when the bell for lunch sounds throughout the school. Lunch time is a time...
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