Commentary by Hailey Paulson

Attention all students who are basically drowning in the homework and responsibilities of school. I know how you feel.

My name is Hailey Paulson. I am a IB Diploma Candidate who has so much stuff on my plate that said plate is cracking under the pressure. My life is pretty crazy. I carried seven, SEVEN school books home in the first two days of school. Now I know other people probably did that too, so kudos to you guys as well, but still I am not amused.  

I also know what I signed up for. I was well aware of the consequences of enrolling into my death. I am still motivated however to drag my way out of the grave to complete all the assignments and work that I am required to do. Let me cut to the chase, I have found ways to make school and homework seem just maybe a tad bit less painful.

Honestly there is no remedy for the exhaustion and the time ripped from your soul but, there are a few things that I have found to help me be more on the positive side of schooling. I have found six things that have helped me.

One of the first things I have found to help is creating the right environment for homework. I always create a relaxing environment for myself with candles and coffee shop blend music. It is important to find music that you don’t sing along to because otherwise you stop focusing and break out into either a dance party like me or get completely distracted from the graphing paper and the pencil lying on your bed.  

The next tool I have found to help myself is some sort of motivating quote or bible verse to get me through my day or to help reenergize me for my next project. There are many different ways to find an inspirational quote. There is an app for the iPhone called, “Daily Quote of the Day” that students can utilize to get some extra inspiration. There is also quotes that students can pull up on the chromebooks at  

It depends on the person but I know that I am still mentally at the age of 4-9 so candy still does the trick for getting me to do something. Maybe getting a package of dove chocolates or those deliciously addictive life saver mints to reward yourself for every minute you are on school campus. I am just kidding don’t do that, more like every class period.  

As students, we spend six hours and fifty-three minutes (give or take a few) in the LSW halls surrounded by two thousand or so students. This calls for a little alone time. I try to find some place to stop and spend five minutes and journal or just think outside of the gagillion other things I have to do in the remaining hours of school.   

Another method I have found to be really beneficial to me is staying after school for thirty or so minutes. After seventh hour, I run any errands or go to any teachers I have questions for and then I head to the library. I get so much work done and I think it’s because my mind is still engaged in the work mode that I have on in school. Plus, I don’t have to wait for twenty minutes in the parking lot trying to get home. BY THE WAY, the library closes at three now so don’t plan to spend any more than thirty minutes in the library.

Lastly, and this is my favorite, I created a little happy pack as I call it which consists of things that cheer me up. I have good smelling lotion and perfume along with tissues, ibuprofen, mints, wipes and ponytails. I know I am so lame because good smelling lotion pleases me but still, you make your own happy pack and fill it with whatever makes you happy and abides by school rules.  

Well, I have prepared you the best I could. I don’t have a magic wand to wish away the crushing weight of your backpack but I hope these tips will lighten the load of school emotionally and physically. Good luck, we all need it.


IB Dip Can’t