Story by Hailey Paulson

Macaroons and coffee. What more can one need? The new restaurants in downtown KC will satisfy the hunger for new and tasty foods.

One of the new features in Kansas City is the streetcar. The streetcar is a free system of travel that stretches from the River City Market to Union Station. Along the ride are restaurants buried in the antique and historic buildings of the Kansas City Area.

The streetcar provides for a more convenient ride to the destination of many new tastes of food. Kansas City in particular has a lot of diverse culture and that culture shows in the restaurants spread across KC.

There are many different cultures portrayed in food. Most of the popular foods are Asian, Italian or Mexican. Located in the River City Market is an alternative route to culture through the Amazon and the food in Brazil.

A shelf full of goodies at the Brazilian Market.

Taste of Brazil is a Brazilian themed restaurant with much of the cuisine from Brazil. There is passion fruit juice, cashew juice, passion fruit mousse, and much more on the menu that truly affirms the taste of Brazil’s presence.

An focus of dining is the organic quality of food. The Sundry is a little shop whose menu changes with one new special according to the day of the week. The Sundry has a soda machine filled with alternative drinks along the lines of ginger ale.

Another interesting aspect of The Sundry is the pantry area of the shop. The pantry contains all organic products ranging from teas to nuts to milk to laundry detergent. Inside the Sundry is an organic grocery store with localized produce and groceries.

The entrance of the Opera House Bakery.

The Sundry is not the only place that is in use for multiple things. The Opera House is a restaurant, coffee shop, bar and bakery. This place has anything a person could need from breakfast to sweets the Opera House has it covered.

The Opera House is located near the entrance of the River City Market and is quite a large space. The Opera House often hosts events for different gatherings. The vastness of the menu at the Opera House allows for the satisfaction of most cravings.

The streetcar in KC allows for transportation to new and cultural places that serve new tastes in food and a new atmosphere for students at West to encounter.