Senior Elizabeth Rater finds her musical phenomenon


Senior Elizabeth Rater may be seen quietly walking in the halls or sitting contently in class working by herself getting things done, but when it comes to Elizabeth there is more than meets the eye.

Starting from a young age Rater seemed to have a sixth sense that led her into the world of the Arts.

“For some reason when I was in third grade I just really wanted to play the violin and I have no idea why I just did I was just drawn to it,” said Rater.

From there her life with music grew, but it wasn’t just this time that music was introduced to Rater’s life. Her mom Heidi Rater is a choir director at their church and has always involved music when raising her children.

Even as a toddler Rater’s musical interest was present.

“She used to sway and move to music and sing along with kid songs at the age of two or three,” said Elizabeth’s mother, Heidi Rater.

Now as a high school student Rater is involved in the Orchestra and Concert Choir. Being in the music program here at West has helped Rater break out of her shell and find her voice.

“It provides a group of people that you’re with all of the time and you see all the time so I’m more comfortable around different kinds of people,” said Rater.

Choir director Amy Krinke has been able to see the change in Elizabeth and watched her grow into a more confident person and musician.

“I feel like she is secure in her abilities as a musician now and she knows that it’s something she excels at and she’s willing to step out and take risks with music that maybe she wouldn’t in other areas of school,” said Krinke.

Rater has been fortunate to be able to find her passion young and spend her life trying to perfect her skills. Planning to go into musical technology, Rater has high goals for the future. This goal may not be too far away and Rater has her teachers and family behind her.

“Music is something a person can be apart of throughout their life. I’m proud of her that she works hard and does well, but I’m so glad she’s found a talent and hobby that she can do her whole life,” said Heidi.

Krinke also believes that Rater can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

“She can do whatever she wants to do! She is a really really intelligent girl and an intelligent musician. She is going to be able to master high level musical concepts very easily if she decides to pursue music in college,” said Krinke.

Even if Rater may not know how much she contributes to the class Krinke explains how much of a necessity her skills are.

“I think she’s in a choir with a whole bunch of very very outgoing personalities that she might feel like we don’t notice how hard she works, and we notice, and we count on her. So I hope she knows that.”

It goes to show that you don’t need a big voice to make a big impact.