New Historical Topics Class


Story by Sophie Berning

Enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year is finally in full swing, but next year a few new classes are being offered. One of these new classes is a history class called The Five Wars of Globalization that will be run by history teacher Matt Turner.

Turner hopes that his new history class can shine a light on what is going on in the world right now.

The course I have proposed that will be running next year is titled The Five Wars of Globalization,” said Turner. “I felt a need to offer a class which looked deeper at some of the growing problems happening right now in the world.”

Mr. Turner has recently proposed a new elective class for students here at West who have a deeper interest in historical topics. The Five Wars of Globalization class will feature five topics, the war on drugs, human trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking, and extremism. Photo by Peyton Brasfield.

The Five Wars of Globalization class has a curriculum based on an article written by a journalist named Moises Naim. In the article Naim describes the problems that have been irritated and intensified because of the increasing globalization.

The class does not talk about wars which include fighting with guns and so on, but rather things such as, drugs and human trafficking.

Turner said, “The class focuses on five ‘wars’ – the war on drugs, human trafficking (slavery), money laundering, arms (weapons) trafficking, and extremism.”

Turner said that each unit will focus on one of the five wars. “For each unit we will look at the background of each issue gaining a deeper understanding of how it affects our society, identify ways it has been combated in the past and proposing local, national and international solutions to these issues.”

To sign up to take this new class select the course called Social Studies Topics.

Turner also teaches a history class called Origins of Western Civilization. “It is a weighted class, [at 0.666], that covers Ancient History, Near East, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages. Both electives are open to juniors and seniors,” said Turner.