Teachers challenge students to take one IB class


While the school may have many different reasons, recently West has been encouraging students to take at least one IB course at the school. Although some students do not mind the challenge, others feel it puts too much pressure on the average high school student.

Junior Lauren Creek hopes to one day be a school counselor, but she also said some of her teachers have told her that without taking IB Psychology, she might not be as successful in that career path.

Creek believes that the school pushing these course onto students result in a student feeling like they “cannot accomplish what they want in their career.” Creek believes that the school putting too much pressure on students might make them feel stressed or not good enough.

It has been highly debated whether or not teachers should push classes on their students. While most teachers think it is a good idea, it is likely that the extra stress would only make a students school life even harder.

However, IB coordinator, Christy Dabalos, disagrees with that perspective. “I think the school does a disservice to its students if we don’t try to challenge our kids…we’re asking for only one class and we offer IB courses in almost every department. So, is there really not one course you can take interest in?” she said.

Junior Caroline Williams is enrolled in only one IB course, IB Math. She made that decision based off of her interests, and whether or not she wanted to take other courses for two years, like others do for IB History and other courses. “I think it is worth it to take at least one IB class…there’s benefits to having one class that pushes you a little harder than other classes,” she said.

In her IB Math class, she has found that she prefers it over any other math courses she’s taken because she gets a more worldly view, and her class is always looking into understanding the concept of math rather than just knowing the basics. Williams finds her IB Math class easier than most of her classes, but she said she “puts a lot of effort in and gets a lot out of it.”

Senior Emma Gaudette is enrolled in the IB Diploma program. She sees a common misconception of the IB Diploma, and a reason many do not take it, are because of the belief that diploma candidates have no social life. Gaudette stressed that, although the workload is large, she has become close with those in her IB classes and has more friends because of it.

“If you are equipped to handle it you should take the IB Diploma. Certain classes prepare you for other classes…all you really need is good time management,” Gaudette said.

Creek acknowledges the benefits of IB courses, but still believes that for some students, IB courses either would never benefit them in college or just result in lack of understanding from the student about the course. Creek thinks that her teachers pushing her to take IB course is pointless because, after researching the college she wants to attend, she found that they did not accept IB credits as college credits.

Although for some students pushing IB classes is seen as stressful and unwanted, some students see taking IB courses as a challenge everyone should try.