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A ‘Beloved’ novel teaches IB students valuable lessons

Anna Long, Megan Robinson, Emma Russell, Olivia Starke In an effort to expose students to themes that relate to the real world, curriculums are set...

History teacher discusses course to career

IB History teacher Steve Smith is a favorite among IB students. However, Smith said his journey to education was not always a straight path,...

Let’s Talk About It: Seniors take on the mental health conversation

A new organization, promoting the conservation and education of mental health has been created in Lee’s Summit, and it's creators are likely to be...

Teacher Inspires Creativity

Mr. Briscoe explains the importance of creativity and how students exceed the boundaries of the art classroom.

Teachers challenge students to take one IB class

While the school may have many different reasons, recently West has been encouraging students to take at least one IB course at the school....

New IB course explores the power of global technology

Story by Olivia Starke The IB program is known for educating students at an enhanced pace. New courses are crucial as they pertain to students...