Senior Jack Donovan has a work release to work in the Westside Market. Donovan interviewed at the end of Junior year to get the paid internship as the school store manager. Photo by Riley Lourens.

Story by Riley Lourens

From deodorant, to chromebook covers, to Doritos, Westside market supplies students with daily last minute needs.

Senior Jack Donovan has a work release to work in the school store the last part of the day. Spending half his day running the store is giving him the hands on experience he wants to carry on with him to college.

Planning on attending Missouri University next fall, working in Westside Market has helped him pick his major in business.

Donovan wasn’t always interested in business. It wasn’t until he decided to take Marketing 101 junior year that his interest really sparked.

“I had never really taken a business class. I had no idea what I wanted to do but then [after taking Marketing 101] I liked the idea of marketing,” said Donovan

This year Howard has noticed a change in Donovan’s attitude since he’s picked his major and realized college was right around the corner.

“Last year, he was just having fun and going through the motions. Whereas this year, he seems a little more focused on what he wants to do and what he wants to major in and he can see how this kind of experience can benefit him,” said Howard

When Howard was interviewing students to fill the paid internship position of managing the store, Donovan seemed like the perfect fit. “He’s always been a people person and with a sincere interest in the internship that kind of just set him above ”

Westside Market wasn’t Donovan’s first time in a small business situation.

With an after school job in retail, at Quiktrip, Donovan said “it’s like a small Quiktrip.”

Howard doesn’t hesitate when she says she has full confidence in Donovan and the potential he has in the future.

“I think he will do fantastic. He’s smart. He’s level headed. He’s motivated. He’s ambitions. He will do great,” said Howard.

Next fall junior Austin Graham will be taking Jack’s position in the store.

“Working in the school store is fun because you get to see all the people that come through, and it also gives you work experience,” said Graham.

Throughout the year Graham has been watching Donovan, figuring out what he does to make the store successful.

“You have to be a people person and be able to communicate. You really have to understand how marketing work,” said Graham.

Compared to previous years Westside Market sales have been up, and Graham gave Donovan credit for running the store strategically.

“Austin will do great. He knows how to set things up. He knows the drill already on my expectations so i think he will have a smooth transition,” said Howard.

Even though Howard is excited to see what great things Graham brings to the table next year, she’ll miss working with Donovan.

“Jack is fun to be around, because he can laugh at himself and we can joke around, but then we both also recognize when we need to get some work done,” said Howard.