West Vogue


Hailey Paulson

Greetings, my name is Hailey Paulson. I would like to consider myself well versed in the topic of fashion but you can determine that on your own with a quick read.

There are several new trends I would like to address in this issue of West Vogue. Most of these trends are picking up in popularity and you may be able to jump on these trains before these pieces of clothing become mainstream.

One of the first new trends is the silk cami. Normally these camis have a lace trim along the top of the cami that adds a elegant touch. It is really cute and loose fitted to beat the heat remaining this summer. Plus, it’s a really flexible clothing piece to use as a transition between seasons if you throw it under a fall cardigan.

Many stores have started carrying them like Forever21 and H&M. It might be something to invest into to before the summer ends. Another trend that is starting is the peek a boo shirts and tank tops. These tops are super breezy and open up in the back. Normally they have two pieces that have almost a triangle cut out.

These tank tops or shirts are a simple addition to your wardrobe and this piece would be perfect to throw on for a casual but cute day. My last top is the white blouse. There are so many new styles for white blouses. I have seen many white blouses that rise higher to the base of the neck as well as many white blouses that have ruffled sleeves.

These have stemmed from many fashion shows in Paris, London and Milan. They are becoming a big trend for Anthropology too.

As far as pants go, a newer trend for jeans is the frayed hem at the bottom of the leg. Depending on your personality, you may want to check out the longer frayed jean hems.

Personally I prefer the shorter fray on the hem because they aren’t too fashion forward but they definitely add some taste to my outfit.  As for bottoms, skirts are receiving more attention.

There are two popular shirts circling the fashion market. One of which is the pleated midi skirt. These skirts are in a variety of fabrics as well. There are many pleated midi skirts is a chiffon or metallic satin fabric.

These two fabrics have been seen in a variety of colors as well. Most of these colors are a metallic gold, silver or rose gold. There are also some pastel colors that look nice or a dark navy or black too.

The next trend on the rise is within the shoe department. Versions of penny loafers have been seen throughout all of spring and into the summer. Some versions look as simple as slippers in a suede fabric.

Another shoe receiving attention is the mule shoe. These shoes often come in a suede material or a velvet material. These shoes range from flats to heels and come in many different colors and sometimes with embroidery. These shoes also run pretty cheap, sometimes under $20.

They are very fun to use in place of sandals and add a tasteful vibe to your outfit. Your not so fancy outfit can be accepted by adding a pair of shoes that have a cool cut or fit to your foot.

A newer trend that hasn’t been too popular yet are the basket bags. These bags are coming in many different styles and sizes so you may be able to find something that fits your style. I have seen many that have more of a saddlebag approach and there are some that just look like picnic baskets.

These bags have a lot of structure so I imagine that they can hold a lot of items in them.  One of my last trends that I have watched start is the earring trend. Many of the runways had many models who had large and what most would call obnoxious earrings.

But, for a high schooler there were some simpler earrings that are still pretty big but could fit into an outfit for school. Tassel earrings or earings that are long past the shoulders are some examples that would be fun to add to an outfit for a little pop.

Hopefully these trends are useful if you needed a wardrobe refresher and you don’t know what to look for. If you are limited on money, you can always wait for all of these items to go on sale during the fall and swoop in later.

Well, I bid you adieu.