How to style winter layers


Hailey Paulson

Have you ever dressed up but then your big winter coat makes you look like a marshmallow? Yeah, story of my life.

More often than not I will come into school looking like an oompa loompa because of my big winter jacket but I actually tried to look decent under my coat but who would know? There have been so many times when I took my time to dress up and then I looked in the mirror after I put my coat on and I was thinking “why do I even bother?”

Guys, it’s literally a struggle to find some sort of outfit that a.) looks cute and b.) is warm. Especially when it is hitting below 25 degrees outside. I have started to scout for warmer jackets because of the weather that is ruthlessly cold.

For me I have found the most success on cold days when I bundle up underneath a less insulated yet cute peacoat. Normally I already wear a lot of layers so why not just add on another jacket underneath if you can? It will help with warmth and maybe two cute jackets can equal one bulky winter coat.

My next tip is to find the accessories that keep the cold out. Pack some gloves in your pockets and add a matching scarf. You can find gloves that are warm enough for a five minute walk outside that are so cute. I am pretty sure Dollar Tree has some if you are looking for them.

When you are seeking out a scarf make sure you invest in a soft blanket scarf. Those will save you life. You can bury your face in them on your walk into school and still look stylish. Big scarves are in. You won’t look stupid. Unless you do it wrong. I would suggest researching how to tie a scarf or you can observe it in my example.

Now, we have covered the neck and hands. Let’s move onto ears. I’m pretty sure no one will have objections to pom pom hats because they are the most adorable things ever. Same goes for beanies. These are awesome and plus I have gone through a school day wearing mine in classes and it kept my head warm.

But, for the days you want a messy bun and warm ears, the pom pom hat will make you look like a conehead. So, there are always some earmuffs or the knitted headbands.

Now, for the most important piece of all: the coat.

I can’t stress enough the importance of the coat. I would suggest you pick from some of these styles. One of which is the peacoat. Most of the time this is form fitting and has a tie around the waist. They also can have buttons and patterns and more.

Next style of a winter coat would be a parka. These can be super cute. They come in olive green or navy and have fur on the inside. They would be great for a windy day and they are adorable. Some even have polka dots on them!

Next are the faux fur jackets. They are probably the newest trendy jacket out there right now. I personally have my eye on an animal print fur jacket. But they come in all different colours and they look pretty comfortable.

The last coat is an oversized coat. Normally they are at a mid leg length and they don’t have zippers or buttons. They are super simple which is great to fit any outfit and you have some extra fabric for warmth. 

I get so excited about jackets because they are such a useful piece of clothing that can be layered and patterned. I hope you find your excitement even if your teeth start to chatter.