Valentine’s Day Commentary


Trent Brink

Should you expect to receive a gift on valentines day? Whose responsibility is it to pay for dinner? Are you gonna be the chauffeur? These are the questions couples are asking themselves as Valentine’s Day is soon approaching.

There’s so much unnecessary pressure when it comes to holiday’s like this. Or even anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. Honestly the holiday may be a corporate cash grab anyway, so the best thing to do is use it as an excuse to go out and have some fun with your PG-13 significant other.

In my personal experience, the best moments are in those times that aren’t as glamorous as a candle-light dinner at Capital Grill. Up until my junior year, I was pretty much brainwashed into thinking that you had to buy a girl’s happiness with constant gifts and fancy dinner and grand dates. Fella’s don’t listen to what the movies tell you, because the key to a girl’s heart is almost always her favorite TV show, a blanket (6 inch splits), and takeout from Panda Express.

Juniors Olivia Reynolds and Quinn Philips can certainly attest to this. Reynold’s said that her ideal date is just getting some dinner somewhere and just sit and talk for hours. Just that talking, that’s what special.

Phillips luckily agreed with Reynolds, who said, “the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day to me is to go out on a nice date to our favorite restaurant to have the opportunity to sit down with the most special person in my life and talk about our favorite memories we share together.” Points for Phillips.

Both Phillips and Reynold’s state that the foundation of their relationship is respect. The couple, not even in front of each other both said they want to make them feel loved and cared for at all times. They also strictly follow the golden rule, treat your partner how you would want to be treated.

Phillips said that Valentine’s Day is just like any other day because they care about each other to the highest extent every day regardless of what holiday they’re supposed to be celebrating. I think that all couples can relate to this in terms of the corny but true journey the two of you go on, along the way you both will need a pick-me-up here and there.

Reynolds and Phillips have a similar idea of the perfect date compared to Juniors Sean Loseke and Kloee Arbuckle. Arbuckle said that all she wants to do is get some chocolate and a nice movie with her man all cuddled up with him.

I wish I knew this because my wallet would be a lot deeper if I had known all I needed was a blanket and a movie. If only Blockbuster was still around. I miss that place more and more every day. Spoil them with love.

With every relationship there has to be some sacrifices and compromises. With Loseke and Arbuckle, Loseke has to sacrifice eating any of the chocolate he buys for Arbuckle because according to Arbuckle, “I would eat the whole thing and most likely not share with him”. That’s probably the biggest con of a relationship. Sharing food. No matter how long you’ve been dating, even with me, it’s still just as hard to give up food. But it’s worth it I guess.

It’s pretty rare that a girl’s favorite things are full-blown 5 star meals with chocolates imported from Germany. It’s all about the little things. Do everything you can to make sure they’re happy, because they just might be the best thing that’s happened to you. Valentine’s Day is not about yourself. It’s not about your partner. It’s about the both of you making memories.