West Vogue: Prom Edition


Hailey Paulson

There are 22 days until the dance of the school year. And so the chaos begins.

Prom. I think that out of all the choices offered for prom dresses that they stink. Maybe those dresses were in style 5 years ago but now they are cheap looking and honestly something I feel like I would find in a dress up area for a 6 year old. If I am going to pay all that money for a prom dress I would want to look like a am going on a red carpet.

I want something classy, not cheesy and has prom written all over it. Personally I have never been into prom fully but if I am going to go, I am not going to wear something that makes me apart of the prom crowd. I would rather have something sleek, maybe understated, but at least when light shines on me I wouldn’t reflect it.

I swear that some of these prom dresses have so many noticeably fake rhinestones that it’s a crime. This is where all of my writing so far receives its purpose. If you don’t want to look like a typical prom girl listen up. If you want to be more like the belle of the ball this is where you read on.

If you are going for the classy style you need to let go of the chiffon and cheap tulle. Look for a casa satin. Satin has the perfect consistency of shine and smoothness which is attractive to the eye but not insanely overdone. Those normal materials like chiffon and tulle are too simple alone and that’s why there are so many rhinestones on the dress.

Whereas satin gives a shine and sleekness to the figure. Some of the better dress designers like Sherri Hill are using more of a satin fabric with most of their dresses. It honestly looks more expensive. Now for the color.

I don’t care how much people go for it, I don’t think the neon colours or bright colors are as attractive. I think the richer the color and the deeper the color is, like a deep red or blue, the better you will look. Anytime I see a bright and fun colored prom dress I am not as excited. I think some people can look good in those colors but I think you can look so much better the minute you put on a richer color.

Now for the silhouette. I can almost guarantee you that half of the girls at prom this year are going to have a two piece dress. I am not trashing that style, but by now it’s over done. If you are looking to look different and be unique, you are going to need to find some style that you know others aren’t wearing. This year off the shoulder is probably going to be a huge thing. So if you don’t want to look like the majority of the other girls find something original.

With all of the information I have given so far, it might be pretty safe to say that I started with many options and now I am in the bottom 10 percent of prom dresses. If you find a simple dress that you like the silhouette of but you still don’t like the bling on the dress, don’t give up. I recently found a dress that I loved but was really simplistic.

The dress was a strapless gown with a fuller skirt with pockets. The trim on the bottom peeked to show my toes but no higher than that. The bodice was a black velvet but the skirt was a light champagne pink. It was simple but beautiful. But for Prom I wasn’t sold yet.

My friend came up with a brilliant solution. A embellished sash. It’s comparable to a bridal belt. They can be expensive but they can also be dirt cheap. If you want some more bling, there are ways to add that to the dress pretty easily and some can be appliquable by iron on or by simply tying a ribbon around your waist.

Many dresses will be attractive but not fit for the standard of Prom. Add an embellished belt to up the fancy. Photo by Emily Mikesell.

Bottom line, aim for a simple dress and add on instead of the other way around. And remember that classy is always better than trashy.