First Football Game Rehash


On Friday night the first football game was held at West against Parkhill. With many students showing up in white out fashion, the air was filled with anticipation. The band made sure they weren’t disappointed with a stunning halftime show featuring a dance performed by the West Side girls accompanied with some young titans hoping to follow in the high schooler’s footsteps.  

By the time the first half ended, the Titans had gained and maintained a 24 point lead over the Trojans. Not just that, a turnover was made during the second quarter with 9 minutes and fifteen seconds left.

Particularly, during the same quarter, safety Vonzell Kelly (number 3) intercepted a huge pass made by the opposing team. Not only was Vonzell able to counter Parkhills’ attempt at a score, but defensive back Christion Wilson (number 2) also intercepted a pass, contributing to the Titan’s grip over their rivals, the Trojans.

In the third quarter, Parkhill did manage to comeback with 3 touchdowns, but the Titans were still able to get back in the, (in)zone scoring a touchdown and 2 field goals in the last half, ending the game with a 34 to 21 victory.