The Titan football team played their first playoff game on Friday against Liberty North with home-field advantage. The Titan’s received the first possession of the ball after the opening kickoff.


After trading the ball back and forth the Titan’s defense was able to stop the Eagles on the Titan 31-yard-line. After a punt from the Eagles, Sammy Cooper is able to return the ball to the Titan’s 23-yard-line. Ben Kobel is able to make a pass to Cade Clemons that puts them into Eagle’s territory.


With 3:13 left in the first quarter Trevor Kardell was able to make a 26-yard touchdown, putting the first points on the scoreboard – with the score at 7-0 Titans.


After running the ball down the field Liberty North was able to score a touchdown of their own, however, a there was a flag thrown for illegal blocking by the offense – causing the touchdown to be overturned – leaving the score at 7-0 Titans.


The Titan defense continued to hold strong forcing three straight incompletions causing the Eagles to kick a feild goal. Liberty North put their first points on the board bringing the score 7-3 Titans.


With 4:14 left in the second quarter Kardell scores another touchdown bringing the score to 14-3 Titans. Liberty North received the ball but are stopped at the Titan’s 21-yard-line on 4th down.


The Eagles went for a field goal but missed to the left and the Titan’s took over on their own 20-yard-line. With 8.7 seconds left in the second half, Liberty North picked off Kobel causing a turnover.


The score at halftime was 14-6 Titans. Another touchdown for the Titans with 5:52 left in the third quarter by Cooper brings the Titans up to 21-13. The score stayed the same throughout the rest of the game, even though Liberty North made multiple attempts at touchdowns during the last minute of the game.


After another victory for the Titans, they take on Rockhurst for their second play-off game at home this Friday.