Student shows interest in computer creation


Keaghan McDaniel

Sophomore Jacob Grider shows his unique talent in making and fixing computers.

Grider is a member of Cyberpatriot group at West, The Cyberpatriots is an event in which a group of students are given a broken computer and attempt to fix as many things possible in the shortest amount of time

Grider said, “I recommend students here at West to take Cyberpatriot if you are fascinated in trying to make things work again or engineering. It will help you with engineering classes at STA.”

“I’ve only made one computer and I have just been currently making upgrades to it , to make it better and better,” Grider said.

Grider said that he has known that he wanted to be a computer specialist since he was a little kid.

Grider said, “I’ve always had a knack for figuring out how things worked, and I guess that’s why I was so obsessed with legos as a kid.”

“He also had the influence of computer building based on some of his friends.” They helped him find sites to purchase affordable parts. Grider said, “I talked to some good friends who recommended a site called PC Parts Picker, which are some of the best parts and cost less than others.”

Grider said that he had some of the parts shipped directly to his house and created his own computer at his house.“ It can take a couple of hours to build your own computer and it takes a lot of concentration. This is a lot of fragile stuff and this can be dangerous.” Said Grider.

Grider said that building and fixing a computer is easy for him.

If interested in computer repair/making there are several of courses that are offered. Summit Tech courses such as Chaos 1 & 2 and Network Engineering and Coding are options for lsr7 students interested in technical programs.

If one was thinking more about Security then possibly going for Network Engineering and Cyber Security at STA, that is also what Grider is going to take next year at STA.