Students Learn How to be Ambassadors


“Model UN is a club where students simulate how the United Nations function. They go to conferences and they act as a specific country. They work with other students who are representing other countries who come up with resolutions to modern global issues,” social studies teacher Victoria Zonko said.

As a current sponsor of the club with Steve Smith and Matt Turner, she claimed it’s set up so that students are able to experience the way that national representatives work. .

Sophomore and secretary of Model UN Mohammad Haji said,  In Model UN, students receive a country for their “delegation.” A delegation is a group of students working together that represent a country of the United Nations, said Zonko.  “Model UN is a club. It’s like a modeled version of United Nations. So like, for example, a group of students would represent a nation, said Haji”

According to, the club is used to teach students how to learn international relations, learn about diplomacy, and learn about the United Nations.

“It prepares them for perhaps future careers in international relations or with politics. It also helps them with speaking skills, it helps them with collaboration, and gives them the opportunity to interact with students from all over the country,”  said Zonko.

Model UN was started this year by senior Maryam Khalil. The club went to their first Model UN Conference at Johnson County Community College on April third. While Model UN only went to one conference this year, they are hoping to go to more in the future.

“I know we were maybe looking at doing a fall conference in addition to our spring conference,” Zonko said.

At the conferences, Model UN participants are expected to take ideas and resolutions to the floor.

“They have the right to present to a committee. But it’s a lot of very bright students who are passionate about politics and international relations. So It’s cool to see it is much different than what I see on a daily basis,” Zonko said.

“Model UN can help you become more aware of things going on in the world. Due to the creation of resolutions and ideas that are presented at conferences, it requires that students and participants are aware of current events,” Vice President Dera Okafor said. “You’re just more aware of like the world and you get to collaborate with other people and get to work on social skills.”

Due to the political nature, Model UN is recommended by Debate Students, or current event followers, said Haji. “Targeted group is probably the debate people to be honest. People in American Government, Youth and Government. Everyone (should join). If you enjoy history, if you enjoy life topics, if you enjoy life, join,” Haji said.

“It’s like debate to be honest. I do debate as well and it’s like, I guess it gets you ready for what arguments you’re gonna come across in the real world. Obviously some people aren’t gonna agree with you in some situations and for example, it gets you in tune with the real world problems that are going on,” Haji said.

Model UN is an open club and anyone can join. It uses current events and political language/simulations to offer students an opportunity to see what it is like to be a part of the United Nations.