Senior Commits to Playing Soccer Despite Injury


The first semester of this school year has come to an end. Seniors are getting closer to the end of their high school careers,but Kaymyn Brane had already completed her requirements and graduated at the end of the first semester.

Instead of graduating in May of 2020, she said she wants to start her college education early and start a new chapter. 

Brane received a soccer scholarship from a college in Kansas. She has been playing soccer since she was four, on competitive teams and for the school. Brane said she wanted to continue playing in college so when Ottawa University offered Brane a scholarship to play at their school she took the chance. She said she is going to attend Ottawa because they have a good education program and she got a really good scholarship. But, soccer has been tough for her to play lately.

In 2017, Brane tore her ACL, MCL, lateral meniscus, and medial meniscus. She said, “I had a soccer game and I was dribbling the ball and I tried to cut it backward [but] my knee didn’t follow through with it.” She had to take a break from her soccer career.

Since the incident, Brane has gone to physical therapy and is now fully recovered. Not only is she recovered, overtime, she said she decided she wanted to be a physical therapist. Brane said her physical therapist, parents, and sister helped her decide this. 

Brane is not currently taking classes that will lead to physical therapy. But when she arrives at college, she said she’s “going to study exercise science which will lead to the path of physical therapy.” These studies should lead to her dream job.

Although Brane is ready to graduate and start this new path, she has friends and family that will miss her when she leaves.

One of these friends includes Senior Kharis Austerman. Austerman said they have known each other since middle school but got closer starting sophomore year.

Austerman said she has been in choir with Brane for several years in high school. She said, “When she graduates early the biggest difference in my life will be not having her in choir. We have a lot of fun in choir and going to concerts together.” 

Austerman said Brane is a good friend,“Kaymyn defines a dependable friend and that’s what she means to me. She’s never flaked on me or betrayed my trust in any way.”

Brane and Austerman both said they believe they are close enough friends that being away from each other won’t stop them from communicating. Austerman said, “I don’t think it will affect our relationship much because we can still hang out and she can come visit home or vice versa.” She also said she thinks that everyone comes to terms with not being with each other.

Another friend of Brane is her younger sister, Freshman Mattie Brane. 

Mattie Brane said she is excited for her sister but sad because they are best friends. “We are with each other more than we are with anyone else, and she truly is my best friend. It will be very hard not being able to see her and talk to her every day, but I know that she is ready for this next step in her life and I am happy for her,” Mattie Brane said. 

Not only do they get along, but Mattie Brane said her sister has also been a big role model. She said she admires her and has always looked up to her. 

“She is very hardworking and when she puts her mind to something she doesn’t stop until she finishes it. After she tore her ACL, she could have just gave up and quit soccer. But instead, she put in months of physical therapy and training and now she is going to college to play soccer,” Mattie Brane said.

Branes’ friends and family said they will miss her, but she said she has been looking forward to college for a while. This new chapter of her life will lead to further future plans of hers, she is just getting started early.