Aquatics Center Reopening


Sarah Hall

The LSR-7 Aquatic Center had the main pool repainted during the COVID lockdown in May 2020. Shortly after reopening the pool on July 1, 2020 the paint started chipping, and upon draining of the pool on July 15, 2021, it was determined that the pool needed to be repainted. The Aquatic Center set up a date to get the pool repainted, which meant they would have to shut down the building from July to Sept. 

The Aquatic Center has been used by anyone in the KC metro area, including sports events and other activities. The Aquatic Center being shut down created challenges for the fall semester “Swim for Life” classes and LSR-7 high school swim teams. The LSW Swim and Dive team has relocated to the Longview Recreation Center and Summit Waves as they’ve hosted swim meets for teams throughout the KC Metro area. Aquatic Director Kwasi Pryor said, “Our Mission is ‘Changing Lives Through Aquatics,’ and we are excited for the opportunity to reopen so we can fulfill that mission for our students and community.” The Aquatic Center officially reopened on Monday, Sept. 27.