Annual National Honor Society Blood Drive


Mia Guidolin

The blood drive comes to Lee’s Summit West twice a year, hosted by the National Honor Society. On Oct. 27, students, nurses, and teachers came together to reach a goal of 70 pints of blood donated. In total, there were 45 volunteers, and 97 people donated blood. At the end of the day, 68 pints of blood were collected. 

The end goal of the blood drive is to supply blood banks, especially with the recent blood shortage due to COVID. Kelli Trask, biology teacher at West, said the blood drive is also an opportunity to introduce students to donating blood. 

“It’s new to them, you can donate at 16, so most students haven’t done it yet.It can introduce them to a lifetime of donating blood, ” Trask said. Trask said she definitely recommends donating blood. “Anytime they[students] need blood or a family member needs blood it comes from a blood bank. In order to have blood supply for their family, friends and even themselves, there needs to be a supply of blood.”