Instagram Account Showcases Those “Out of Line”


Sarah Hall

For some teens, the parking lot can be nerve-racking due to the immense number of students going in and out at all times of the day. One student, or maybe more, has taken a new approach to keep the parking lot moving smoothly.

The Instagram account is known as “lsw bad parking”. It first posted, Friday, Oct. 8th, a picture of students or maybe even a teacher’s parking job in the school parking lot. 

Junior Regan Oehrke, who has been posted on the account, said, “It popped up on my suggested followers, and I went through the account and thought it was funny so I followed it.”

The first post only received six likes, but the account’s popularity grew as time went on. Students started sharing their friends’ cars being posted, making the account reach more students quickly.

“I think it’s popular because everyone feels involved because they can send in the pictures or they see their friends on it,” Oehrke said.

The account has become the talk of the school, making students and staff more cognizant of their parking skills to avoid getting posted.

“It makes me park even better because I don’t wanna be posted again, but I think it makes other people also try to park worse so they get attention or posted for it,” Oehrke said.

The account started taking submissions through DM’s, direct messages on Instagram, allowing the posting go from once a day to three or four times a day.

Senior Ted Gard has been posted on the account on multiple occasions giving him his own Instagram highlight. The highlight can be seen when you open the story under the “Ted Saga” highlight. 

“My first reaction when I was posted was, I thought it was hilarious, because I know my parking is bad, but me being posted is even funnier,” Gard said.

With the account now having over 600 followers and counting, students have been making submissions daily. The account has created more interactive aspects, for example, having a “parker of the week” and letting students submit their questions and comments for the owner(s) to respond to.

“I think this account is really funny and different. I didn’t have anything like this at my other school, and I like that the students are getting involved,” sophomore Noah Schmitz said.

Anyone can and will be posted, so remember that next time you park out of line.