Students Take a Look Through a New Window


Emily Gerhart, Sarah Hall, Jackson Barnes

“He doesn’t have a window and I think he just wanted something to look at. So, I was like, ‘I’ll paint you a window.’ And he was like, ‘Really!’,” junior Monique Megee said. “He was very serious about it … he just threw a couple ideas at me but he was like ‘It’s your creative vision, do whatever you want.’”

That was a late November conversation, and the start of Megee’s project to create a window-like mural in science teacher Greg Mathews’ classroom. “I brought my paints and I gathered all my friends to help me because this is not a one person thing,” she said. “It’s been a slow process but I think it’s coming along nicely.” 

She said the support from other students and Mathews have helped the group stay confident and progressing. “I feel like a part of an artist’s mind is like ‘Oh no, everyone’s going to hate this,’” Megee said. “A lot of people are really into it actually. I remember when we first got started like a ton of people during Titan Time would kind of talk to us and be like ‘It’s looking really good’… a lot of people think it’s really cool.”

One of her friends that have helped her along the way is junior Sophia Steele. “I decided that it would be really fun to help with this because I like painting a lot and it was like a great opportunity to see what I could do, especially since I’ve never really done anything that big,” Steele said. “I like helping with artistic advice, and blending colors is always fun.”

Although Megee spearheads the project, she said she heavily appreciates all of her friends’ hard work, artistic opinions, and keeping it fun. By continuing to paint during most Titan Times, Megee said she thinks the mural will be finished by the end of February or the start of March.